edu-finance app

Beehave is an edu-finance app, developed by Gli Appa during the first 24-hours long Appathon hosted by Unicredit, on 21st and 22nd June 2014 in Milan.

Beehave is the pocket bank that lets you realize your projects and dreams.

Beehave is addressed to:
+ UniCredit young customers who relate with the bank for the first time
+ young people who want to learn how to manage their savings

What Beehave does:
+ helps young people to independently manage their savings
+ implements a young, clean and clear UX

Innovative features:
+ Social goals
+ clean and accessible interface
+ reward message

Federica Fornasaro, Andrea Trabucco Campos, Federico De Meo, Ciprian Spiridon, Stefano Massella, Alberto Lovato

UI / UX design, Gamification, Graphic Design

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