elena miro'
website restyling

+ redesigning the Elena Miro’ website based on the one-on-one approach found in store
+ developing a brand new social platform for both customers and shop assistants
+ inter-brand guided recommendations

The first step was to give the general website a classy and minimal look, presenting together the three different brands: Elena Miro’, White and For.me.

The e-commerce is bright and clean, letting the user focus on the products only. When clicking on a specific item, the user is recommended with other pieces of clothing she might be interested in.

The core of this project was to introduce a brand new social platform that recreates the unique one-on-one approach found in store. Using this two-sided interface, staff members can interact with customers suggesting products the same way they would do in store.

Staff members have access to a database of clients they personally know, in order to extend the close relationship created in store on a social interactive platform. They also have access to customers’ preferences and reservations. This way the live experience is enhanced by integrating it in a digital platform.

The customer’s side looks similar to the staff’s, being strongly connected in order to offer the unique tailor-suited approach at any time or place. Features such as ‘My Lookbook’ and ‘Concierge’ let the user create her own style and reserve items to try in her favorite store, personilizing the experience both on site and online.

Federica Fornasaro, Aishwarya Ramnath, Aunie Frisch.

Website restyling, UI / UX design, Responsive web design, E-commerce

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