rayban remix

+ creating a Ray Ban app that follows you anywhere and suggests you places to go, activities, events in the biggest European cities
+ getting people to know Ray-Ban and linking them to the whole brand feel
+ giving the user the opportunity to get special rewards and incentives

+ check in to earn XP points and specific badges
+ recommend and rate places and events
+ invite friends to join
+ higher points if travelling to other cities
+ special rewards by leveling up
+ exclusive Ray-Ban events in every city as final reward

+ earn XP point for any activites (QR code scanning, inviting people, sharing)
+ earn Reputation points when people likes your ratings and comments

+ each one of five categories has different badges
+ earning all the badges of one category, you achieve Mastery of that specific category and unlock a dedicated icon

Federica Fornasaro, Victor Janin, Phu Khanh, Juan Felipe Cadavid.

Gamification, App Design, UI / UX Design

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