logo restyling

Tauro is a dynamic young company that produces food dehydrators. Their involvement in events regarding sustainable and organic food, cooking classes with top chefs, food fairs all across Europe, made necessary a restyling aimed at enhancing their appeal.

+ cleaning and simplifying their image, with a modern and stylish connotation
+ transforming the logo into a brand
+ keeping the original graphic pun
+ choosing a precise palette of colors, in line with the core business
+ creating a new, coherent identity, without forgetting the past

Some sketches that led from the inital logo (on the left) to the final result. The core of the previous logo is preserved and enhanced with a more linear, clean and solid image.

The new logo is now applied on the front banner as well as on every element of the corporate identity.

Branding, Logo restyling

tauro logo before after tauro logo creation sketches tauro extended logotype tauro corporate banner